All of our classes are 35 minutes in length, but some of our students prefer to book a two session block.

From our experience, a class of 35 minutes is the optimal length for delivering teaching points whilst allowing the student adequate practise activity time.

At the end of each class, students will be asked to complete 2 short homework activities which must be completed before their next scheduled class. In addition to this, the student or parent will receive a class review email to remind them of the topics covered in their lesson.

Our classes are stuctured around these three prinicples:

Comprehension: Does the student understand the meaning and applicable grammar rules?

Consistency: Can the student produce the word in the right context with the correct pronunciation.

Consolidation: Has the student grasped the concepts enough to progress to the next lesson. Has the student completed their learner journal and homework task from the previous class?

Classes are set at a flat rate of £7 per class – payable in advance prior to class by PAYPAL or other preferred online payment method.